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The Murder Mystery Company is Branson’s Expert in Mystery Entertainment. Branson has a reputation for great live entertainment, and The Murder Mystery Company is honing it to a killer edge with two hours of live action mystery entertainment, right at your party! Whether it’s a corporate event or fundraiser, birthday party or just a special event, our mystery experts bring a themed game of mystery where everyone gets to help solve the crime. If you are looking for the perfect idea for any upcoming event, get started with The Murder Mystery Company today.

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Take your next private event to the next level in Branson with The Murder Mystery Company. We know just what to do to make your party stress free, fun, and never boring! Our professionally trained performers guarantee a night of mystery, intrigue, and murder that your guests will never forget! Check out our many show themes, all of which can be customized to make your event even more special.

From the very beginning we supply expert entertainment. From greeting your guests at the door till the end of the show, we provide an interactive mystery theater experience your guests will never forget. No matter the size or location, The Murder Mystery Company will work with you to make your event murderously fun.

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The Best of the Best

Branson has a long history of excelling in live entertainment, so when The Murder Mystery Company had the chance to be part of the entertainment community here, we jumped on it! Nothing makes us more excited the the prospect of transforming your next party into a killer crime scene where you can solve a Clue style crime with us! We are so thrilled to be in Branson, now let’s solve a mystery together!

The Murder Mystery Company doesn’t just want to bring you ordinary, everyday mystery theater at your private event in Branson, we want to bring you the BEST. This is why we have developed the GRIMprov Method of acting - a training method every one of our mystery experts go through to ensure your show is perfect. We guarantee that every show is a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that can’t be topped!

The Murder Mystery Company in Branson

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Whether you have an intimate gathering of 8 people, or a good size crowd of 8,000, the Murder Mystery Company is the ultimate event solution. Contact us now so we can plan your murder today!

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